1. Look for the items that NGOs have requested by going through the listings.


2. Choose the cause you wish to support and decide the quantity you wish to gift to the NGO.


3. Once you decide, arrange for the items deliver by hand or courier the item.


4. NGO converts your decision into a contribution on receipt of item.


5. You get acknowledged for your contribution on the portal.

 1. To receive items, please see the list of things that individual givers are ready to gift Uphaar.


2. Send a message to owner of the item about your interest in receiving.


3. Once the giver connects with you and selects you, the item can be collected by you.


4. Once you collect the item, the giver then marks the item as "Given Away" and the campaign is closed.


5. The giver then acknowledged for his/her contribution on EkUphaar website.


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