The main aim of Ek Uphaar Foundation is to do our bit for the society by donating things instead of money, to see how our kind gestures make a difference and bring happiness to someone else’s life.


EK UPHAAR is a platform to help people give in kind to people who are in real need of it. We encourage people to experience the happiness one gets after giving to the needy.


Each one of us has this quality of sharing, giving, making someone feel special and going out of our way to do things for others. Many of us often go to NGOs on birthdays to celebrate with the underprivileged, which is a very good idea, but we go without informing them about what we are actually taking. We often take sweets, cakes or chocolates in large quantities, but these NGO’s require basic daily necessities like toothpaste, stationery, groceries etc. Therefore, we aim to help NGOs ask for the exact items they need, in the desired quantities. This will help bridge the gap between what is needed and what is donated. Ek Uphaar will also help NGOs to get regular items that they need for everyday functioning.


Each one of us has seen things which are so devastating that they have broken us; a person dying of hunger, a person falling ill and then dying simply because of non-availability of basic requirements of life like food, shelter and clothing. Most of us feel terrible about it when we see this, but in a few minutes, we manage to pull ourselves out of it and move on with our lives. This is because we don’t have an organized platform to express our feelings by giving in kind.


Almost all of us have donated money and have never really got an account of where that money is used. We donate with the intention that the NGOs will buy something useful i.e. the ultimate purpose is to buy a thing or a service. However, when you give in kind, you know what is really happening with your donation and where you have made a difference.


We have seen many natural calamities and their horrifying after-effects. We all know and have seen that a lot of improvements have to be made in our relief process i.e. in terms of providing the right goods, at the right time, and at the right place. At present most of the help provided is either delayed, or in excess, or does not reach the intended recipient. Many times, we do not act on our desire to help because of the current process that is in place. Through this platform, you can connect with your nearest NGO and give exactly what is required in the needed quantity. The process will be faster, more transparent and definitely more impactful.


Many of us relocate for education, a new job or move into a new house and find it very difficult as to what to do with the old belongings. Ek Uphaar foundation can help you search for the nearest NGO and your belongings will be used for a good cause.


Ek Uphaar hopes to bring genuine NGOs under one roof. All NGOs listed on the site are personally verified by us.


The NGOs work for various causes hence have different requirements.



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